02.27.20 Mardi Gras at the flying field!

This was a very unusual Mardi Gras for Roy and I. When we were younger we went to every parade we could. In recent years we’ve chosen to watch some parades on television and attend none in person. We did go to one a couple of years ago. This year we did none of that!

Several of Roy’s remote control flying buddies went to the flying field for Mardi Gras. We really enjoyed the day watching the guys flying their planes, drones, and a paraglider They all have really cool flying machines and the guys know how to fly them very well.

Our son Chip stopped by on his lunch hour from work to watch his dad fly. Being the awesome son he is, Chip took our truck to be washed and brought it back spotless!!! Thanks, Chip! Your hugs were great and we both appreciate the visit and the clean vehicle!

Roy took this picture with his drone. This is several of the attendees at the Mardi Gras flying!

Another picture Roy took from his drone of one of the guys flying his plane.

One of the flyers, Andre’, brought his paraglider and flew all around the place. I really enjoyed seeing him do that!

Rick, Andre’ and Richard standing behind Andre’s paraglider 

One of the guys, Richard has a wonderful wife Linda whom I was blessed to get to know on Tuesday. I enjoyed our one on one conversation that lasted the whole time we were there. I came away from there feeling I had made a new very special friend. She plays Sudoku which is (according to Wikipedia) a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids that compose the grid contain all of the digits from 1 to 9.

I have seen these puzzles before and could never figure out what it was about. She taught me how to play and I was very excited to really catch on to this brain challenging game! Linda even gave me her big book of sudoku puzzles. Wow, how nice! I’ve been working the puzzles, slowly but surely since we got home! I look forward to visiting with her again out at the flying field soon! The picture below is of Richard, Linda, and Ron at the flying field just on a different day.

That’s it for our fun day at the flying field. It took Roy and me all evening and night to mostly recover from that much fun!

No matter how tired we were we still went to work out Wednesday at the fitness center! We are nearing the end of our third week of working out three days a week and we’re still loving it.

That’s Roy in the red shirt on one of the bikes.

I will be cooking a big pot of gumbo on the very cold day that Thursday is supposed to be. The last large bags of our homegrown okra and one of our bell pepper containers from last year’s garden will go into that gumbo! Love using our homegrown vegetables in our cooking!

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!

05.17.16 A day at the flying field!

img0017Saturday, May 14, 2016 – Roy went earlier this week with our brother in law, George to the Tangi RC Flyers Association flying field in Hammond, where George is a member. George has been building and flying remote control planes since I was a little girl so I estimate he has about 60 years of experience. He has several planes, they are all magnificent and perfect in detail.

This is George and one of his planes from the day they went together.

20160512_103445 20160512_103456 20160512_110659

When Roy was younger he built and flew his own for several years. His niece’s husband, David, brought them home to do some repairs on them years ago and we’ve never seen them since. I don’t remember any of this but unfortunately Roy does and it still hurts.

He bought a new one a couple of years ago which has traveled with us several thousand miles, boxed up in our closet!! He finally put it together but after so many years of not flying, and wise advice from George and Roy’s cousin Chris Fox, he’s going to put it back in the box for now. He’s asked for a smaller one for Father’s Day so we’ll be smaller plane shopping soon! Once he learns to fly a smaller one well he can start moving back up to the size he really wants to fly.

Here’s the bigger one that lives in our closet!!!


On Saturday the flying association had a WWII flying show which Roy and I went to. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed seeing all the planes fly. There is a nice large covered area with tables for people to sit out of the sun. They sold BBQ burgers, chips and soft drinks. I, of course, snapped picture after picture, way more than I am sharing. If you’re a remote control plane enthusiast you will enjoy all the pictures, if not just look at what you want!

20160514_100410 20160514_100449 20160514_100605 20160514_100611 20160514_100653 20160514_100835 20160514_101342 20160514_105930 20160514_110530 20160514_110540 20160514_110615 20160514_110636 20160514_110653 20160514_111252 20160514_114040 20160514_114056 20160514_121018 20160514_121123 20160514_121136 20160514_123042 20160514_123113 20160514_123144 20160514_123157 20160514_123302 20160514_123334 20160514_123438 20160514_123732 20160514_123825 20160514_125601 20160514_125935 20160514_130802

If you are interested in learning more about their club the web address is: http://tangirc.com

A link to the map showing the flying area is at http://tangirc.com/map.html

We’ll be looking for flying fields when we get back on the road so Roy can practice with his new plane often! I enjoyed watching so it will be something we can do together while traveling!

When we got home, I started feeling terrible, went to bed and have almost been in bed ever since. Slept 15 hours Saturday night and 14 hours Sunday night. I am mostly just worn out and really tired.

Hoping to get better by tomorrow morning when Madisyn’s school Award Celebration will be held, and of course we’ll be attending! Kallie has Jr. High graduation on Wednesday so it’s up early and out two days in a row so Grannie needs her energy!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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