02.18.18 Treasured Photos over 25 years old from Trinity Baptist

Monday, February 19, 2018 – Okay Trinity folks current and past!  I’ve collected these photos over the years for different reasons.  They are at least 25 years old, some are much much older.  I hope that anyone who wants one will be able to get it from here.  Just right click on the photo and when the option “Save Image As” comes up, click on it and find on your computer where you want to save it to and Save It!!

I am going to try to include the names of those that I am sure I know in each photo.  The photos will be numbered.  If I didn’t identify someone, or if I identified them incorrectly, please send me a message at rosalyn@selu.edu or leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post.  Let me know what photo number and the person’s name.  I’ll add them when I can.  If I’ve misspelled a name let me know that too so I can correct it.  The names in Red are corrections or additions given to me by others since I originally posted it.

I have enjoyed looking at these photos every time I run across them and don’t think I should be the only person who gets to enjoy them!  Many of these amazing folks are now living in Heaven with their Lord!  How wonderful that we can look forward to seeing them again!  I have lots more from recent years and those will be shared in a future post.

Trinity has a long history of wonderful church family members and you’ll surely see this in these photos.  There are over 80 photos, but I truly hope as you see these photos you will be warmed by the rich heritage we enjoy at Trinity.

Here we go!

1. Ray Beall, Almatine Scott, Louis Hill, Pearl Lipscomb

2. Harvey Taylor and Joyce Taylor, Whitey Lipscomb, Pearl Lipscomb

3. Robert Scott, Almatine Scott, Viola Beall East

4. Spot Traylor, Wylie Traylor, Teddy Forrest, Dickie and Dee Nelson, Mr. Ted Forrest (the best deepest voice I’ve ever heard) – AKA The Wayfarers

5. Grover McGee, Ray Beall, Larry and Patricia Pierson (Patricia is Ms. Bertie and Mr Willie Hill’s daughter)

6. Ray Beall, Willie Hill

7. Grover McGee


9. Whitey Lipscomb, Viola Beall East, Jo Traylor, Gladys Dufreche

10. Ms Vera Dyess (Ray Beall’s sister), Grover McGee, Ruby McGee

11. Viola Beall East

12. Joyce Taylor, Harvey Taylor

13. Viola Beall East, Grover McGee, Jo Traylor, Pearl Traylor

14. Jo Traylor, Pearl Traylor, Pearl Lipscomb

15. Whitey Lipscomb, Willie Hill, Birdie Hill

16. Ruby McGee, Grover McGee, Mildred Forrest17. Joyce Taylor

18. Whitey Lipscomb, Mr. Ted Forrest, Ray Beall, Brent Dufreche, Willie Hill

19. Pearl Traylor, Mildred Forrest

20. Ray Bealle, Leander Willie, Robert Scott, Edgar Traylor, Mr. Ted Forrest

21. Betsy Traylor, Wiley Traylor

22. Matt Traylor,

23. Connie Burleson Holden, Ron Burleson, Bobby Hill, Julie Lester

24. Vivian Trimble (Trinity’s first pastors wife) and her two daughters Rebecca and Jerri

25.    Teddy Forrest IV, Jeff Gatlin, Otis Traylor, Scottie Matherne. Coach was Jimmy Gatlin, Bryan Alford

26. Slim Traylor, Robert Ray Traylor, Jeffrey Hill

27. Mildred Forrest, Pearl Lipscomb,  Joyce Taylor,  Viola Beall East, Helen Traylor, Ora Nell Farris, Pearl Traylor, Ruby Traylor, Emily Wall

28. Bro. Malcolm Massey, Louise Traylor

29. Leanna Willie Traylor, Marie Willie

30. Ashley Traylor Louviere

31. Louise Traylor, Leanna Willie Traylor

32. Leanna Willie Traylor

33. Mary Grace Traylor Lamonte

34.  Paw Paw Bill Traylor, Curtis Kinchen

35.  Trinity’s Youth Building

36. Patricia Young, Mary Grace Traylor Lamonte

37. Dickie and Dee Nelson, Gene Traylor, Diane Haase, Jenny Nelson (between Dickie and Dee) Dickie is holding Jeremy

38. Johnny Compton, Doug Williamson, Pat Young, Charles Paradelas, Raymond Rawls, Jimmy Young, Herny Matherne, Clara Ann Scott, Charlotte Paradelas, Wanda Forest, Pat Found

39. Otis and Mary Catherine Traylor

40. Kim Sirone,

41. Trey Sirone

42. Bro. Malcolm Massey and his wife Georgia, Louise Traylor, Dottie Traylor

43. Almatine Scott, Gladys and Judge Brent Dufreche

44. Kim Sirone


46. Mary Catherine Beall Hardy, Eula Mae Beall & Robert Ray Beall

47. Annabelle Arthur, Buren Hollis, Jr, Inez Vitrano, Ronnie Traylor

48. Rebecca Bankston Willoughby


50. Mary Grace Traylor Lamonte, Sheree Daniels

51. Philip Bankston (waving)

52. Gordon Traylor, Almatine Scott

53. Kim Sirone

54. Teddy Forrest IV and Kim Sirone at Wiley and Betsy Traylor’s wedding

55. Ashley Traylor Louviere, Louise Traylor, Pam Waffler, Kim Sirone

56. Barbara Davis, Jessica Davis and Daniel Davis

57. Susan Traylor Griffin, Gladys Dufreche

58. Trey Sirone

59. Mary Grace Lamonte, Linda Cummings, Sharon Compton, Clara Ann Scott, Pat Anderson

60. Louis Hill

61. Tom Coplin, Byron Wild Sr., Harvey Taylor

62. Vivian Traylor, Jo Blum Traylor

63. Ronnie Daniels, Gene Traylor, Johnny Compton, Spot Traylor, Jimmy Young, Teddy Forest

64. Edgar Traylor, Oliver Thompson


66. Louise Traylor, Leanna Willie Traylor

67. Deyampert Traylor, Viola Beall East, Gene Traylor, Edgar Traylor, Mary Catherine Traylor (their mama)

68. Harvey Traylor,  Mary Grace Traylor Lamonte

69.  Jessica Davis, Amanda Russell

70.  Jessica Forrest and Jessica Davis

71. Louise and Edgar Traylor

72. Connie Burleson, Sharon Compton, Mary Grace Traylor Lamonte, Jan Foster Traylor

73. Nan Traylor, Spot Traylor, Edgar Traylor, Mary Grace Traylor Lamonte, Louise Traylor

74. Vivian Traylor and Jo Blum Traylor

75. Ashley Traylor Louviere, Jessica Davis, Christina Picou

76. Rosalyn Chauvin, Margie Allen, Eddie McGhee, Mike Landry, Spot Traylor, Lee Russell, Bob Beall, Sue Picou, Chrissie McGhee, Kim Russell, Sherry Beall

77. Leanna Willie Traylor, Louise Traylor, Jo Blum Traylor, Vivian Traylor, Susan Wild, Rosa Mae Traylor78.  Marie Willie, Leander Willie,

79. Gene Traylor, Michael Traylor, Allie Traylor, Sharon Traylor Compton, Connie Traylor Burleson

80. Spot Traylor and Edgar Traylor

81. Spot Traylor, Edgar Traylor

82.  Dr. Randy Davis and Jessica Davis

83. Gene Traylor, Sharon Traylor Compton, Connie Traylor Burleson and Mike Traylor

84. Gene Traylor, Darryn Compton, Lance Traylor & Bryan Burleson

85. Zach Traylor, Tellius Traylor

That’s it, whew!  The next group of Trinity photos will be photos less than 25 years old.  We even have Linda Graves in a clown costume!!!!  I’ll be sharing some of my and Roy’s family photos next time.

Ya’ll have a blessed week!  And come back soon!


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02.02.18 Treasured Photos – Trinity Family Picnic and Softball starring Madisyn, Cat, Jeri, Philip, Noel, Sean, Caroline, Chip, Byron B., Byron’s girls and more

In May of 2012 we had our Annual Family Picnic at Trinity.  The picnic included a softball game with our young children and some of our young adults. It was so much fun even for the spectators.  Our granddaughter Madisyn is in most of these photos but they also show lots of Trinity’s finest softball players like Jeri Bankston, Cat Davis, Noel Louviere, Byron Bankston, Chip Chauvin, Philip Bankston and their precious children.  Paw Paw Roy and  Grannie Rosalyn were big supporters and fans along with other family members and friends at the picnic.

Madisyn wanted to play but she needed a little help rounding the bases. Jeri Bankston, Cat Davis and her daddy Chip took Madisyn on their shoulders or carried her from base to base and she had such a good time!


I know, Madisyn is everywhere. I am her Grannie!  I would love to see another softball game with all of these young folks and plenty of younger ones that are now old enough to play!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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01.29.18 Treasured Photos – Trinity Softball Women, Men and Youth Teams 2002

Earlier this century Trinity Baptist Church had an amazing Softball program.  These are the three Trinity teams that represented our church at one time.

Jessica Forrest
Gay Sterken
Julie Dufreche
Jaala McGhee
Ashley Brumfield
Megan Landry
Kim Reitz
Sonya Traylor
Stephanie Smith
Shannon Tribble
Gina Jory
Lindsey Nyeki
Leanna Traylor
Deanna Traylor
Jennifer Vicknair
Kristi Hoffecker
Jerri Bankston
Michelle Hill

George Martin
Philip Bankston
Lucas Hill
Matt Traylor
Chip Chauvin
Daniel Davis
Scott Tribble
John Lefleur
Hunt Louviere
Noel Louviere
Bob Beall
Greg Effler
Steve Bourgeois

I couldn’t find the team roster for either of these two years but the youth I recognize in these photos are:

Daniel Davis
Jenni Smith
Lindsey Nyeki
Erica Willie
Chip Chauvin
Mark Whisenhunt
Megan Landry
Danielle Willie
Morgan McGehee
Amelia Brumfield
and I think J J Hill

Here’s young Tim Reitz, one (and sometimes the only) of our church members who umpired then and still umpires around the area!


Heath was our Scorekeeper

I can’t tell you how the awesome the Softball Ministry was in our life.  Such a wonderful  ministry.  Every church member player was required to attend their church a certain amount of weeks during each month.  Each team was allowed to have couple of players who were not church members.   These non church members got to see Christians having a great time in a clean and wholesome environment.   And we did have A L O T of fun! Church members from the softball teams got to know other church’s members and life long friendships were formed.

The concession stand was a flurry of activity selling burgers, hot dogs, candy and drinks.  All Trinity players gave some of their time throughout the season to work in the concession stand.

Men, women and youth and family members from other area churches all piled in to see the games played on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evening.  Three games a night!

We also had Friday and Saturday tournaments that were also so much fun!

I can no longer offer to participate in operating it but I would love to give guidance on how we did it if this ministry was ever resurrected again!  We had a web page on the church’s web site for softball.  I have numerous graphics that I’d love to share with someone when the time comes.  Please, hint, hint!

I have scaboodles of photos of Trinity children who are now adults, some with their own children.  I’m going to work on those photos soon.

If you know the names of some of the folks in the photos that I didn’t include please let me know!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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01.19.18 Treasured old photos – Julie, September, Rev. Randels, Bro. Randy

Friday, January 19, 2018 – When Roy and I decided to live in our motor home full time we knew we couldn’t keep all the photos and photo albums we had accumulated over 40 years.  We scanned and saved hundreds of digital photos. Chip and his brother have most of the actual photos we had.

I was looking for a digital photo today that was in that group (the one of Julie below).  I decided to post some of them on Facebook to share with our family and friends because that’s mostly who these photos are of.  This one Julie Turner Riley and me from around 30 years ago.  My mama and her mama, Pat Turner were friends when we all lived in New Orleans.

Here’s my friend September Davidson Hoeler who was my very close friend when we went to Lakeview Baptist Church together in our teens.  This was one of us on one of our bus rides to either Ridgecrest or Glorietta for youth camp! You can tell from the photo we were silly girls back in 1971!! September will be in more photos of my years with Lakeview Baptist youth.

A lot of our blog followers are not on Facebook and the photos may be of interest to them.  So from time to time I’ll post a blog with several of them and I’m hoping you will enjoy them.  If you are in any of them and want to have the photo just right click on it and select Save Image As and save it on your computer.

The photo below was my mama and Mr. Vivian Traylor’s wedding ceremony.  These two pastors were the only pastors I ever had, until last year.  Mama wanted both of them to officiate at her wedding and they did! Rev. J. Richard Randels, our pastor at Lakeview Baptist Church in New Orleans, is the gentleman with greyer hair.  Dr. Randy Davis is the young guy who was our pastor at Trinity Baptist Church here in Pumpkin Center (Hammond) Louisiana.  Rev. Randels officiated at Roy and my wedding back in 1972!

I think I’ll put the photos into groups and include all photos that are in a group in one blog post.  We’ll see how it all works out but it is important to me that the people in my life who are in a photo and would like to have the photo will be able to have it.  I’ll figure it out as time goes on.

My grammar is not what it use to be so please excuse me when I end a sentence with “of”, use the wrong version of a word, etc.  I enjoy writing here but being concerned about it being grammatically correct is frustrating to me now.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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