01.28.15 K-LOVE, framers and wrong windows!

w2 Wednesday, January 28, 2015 – A  nice lady who follows our blog thanked me for including the words to “You are my all in all” in the blog.  She said she needed a pick me up and that it made her day.  I was so happy to hear that from someone because I hope so deeply that my blog will touch someone by either bringing them closer to God or them understanding my deep love for Him and why He is so important in my life.

One very important thing that keeps me connected daily to God is  listening to Christian music.  Whether it’s Christian Gospel which I listen to in our RV all the time, hymns or Christian Contemporary music which I listen to on CDs and on the radio from K LOVE.

You will never hear any vulgar language but always uplifting, encouraging words and music.  No matter what is happening in my life there always seems to be a song on that x1relates to something I need to hear.  God’s love, Him being my all in all, and many other aspects of the awesomeness of what God is to me.  Surrounding yourself with Christian music on your way to and from work, while shopping and while at home can make amazing changes in your life.  You’ll learn a lot of what God’s about and what your life could be like as a Child of His.  I encourage you to take their 30 day challenge and listen to nothing but Christian music for 30 days.  Of course, you should also read your Bible and attend church – music is never a substitute for those important ingredients but it can add so much depth to your understanding and quality of your life. At the end of the 30 days spend some time thinking about whether your life is in a better place then and if your relationship with God has grown deeper.  I feel certain you will!

klove-logoK LOVE streams their music online and there is nothing like sitting outside, going to their webpage and clicking on Listen Online.  Can’t wait till we have the space across the culvert finished so I can enjoy it there!

In our area K LOVE is heard on 92.7 and you can find out the channel in your local area by clicking here, K LOVE STATIONS, entering your local zip code and they will give you the local channel.  We do this anytime we are traveling because their music means so much to my life.

I am hopeful that today will complete our house framing.  We again woke up to the sounds of hammering and men on the roof!  More of the plywood was on the roof and even some felt paper.  Roy brought the medicine cabinet out for them to get measurements and checked it out after they built the frame.  Perfect!   They say medicine cabinets are not something people put in now because it costs less to do without.  Maybe it’s because we’re old and grew up having one that we wanted it for both our bathrooms.  Especially since the bathrooms are small, we think the additional storage will help greatly.

The last view out the roof before it was all closed up!

f1 f2 f3 f4This is my view out the side RV window where I sit on the couch.  It is amazing to watch them work during the day, they are so in sync with each other and the work just keeps on moving along.  Roy and I know that we are in an unusual situation being able to be here all day every day while they work and are very thankful for that.

f rv view Just came from out there and they are setting the windows next to each opening.  They are ready for after lunch to install them and the exterior doors!  The Tyvek home wrap being up really defines the area of the house.  It is small but perfect for renting and for our future home.  It is really difficult to go from years of thinking bigger house is better to building a smaller house and knowing that’s okay!

Here’s pictures of what it all looked like when the framers left today.

g1 g2 g3 g4 g5 g6 (2) g6 g7Well, there is a delay now caused by the windows.  All of the windows that were delivered, except the big kitchen window, are 3’0′ windows but were suppose to be 2’8″ windows.  Unfortunately they have to order the new windows which takes 2 weeks so the framers left today after installing the big window in the kitchen and the front and rear doors but they couldn’t install all the others.  The next step that this affects the most is the vinyl siding installation.  Can’t be done until the windows are in.  So I guess we look 10428548_1089683771057896_2714292691544921573_nat Tyvek for the next couple of weeks.

All the other work can continue so the electrician will be here Friday and Saturday to do his rough ins, the plumber will be here Monday to do his rough ins and the roofer will be here sometime in the next few days to do the shingles. The cement floor staining folks will come after the plumber and electrician so we are moving right along!

We’re looking forward to a visit from our son Chip this afternoon to show him all the progress.  We’d love for anyone in the area that wants to come see it and visit to come on!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!






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