05.10.20 Treasured Photos from Trinity’s 2018 Mother’s Day Presentation

Before the wonderful Trinity Mother’s photos, I want to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to my mama, Jo (Josie Mae) Blum Traylor who is Heaven with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I miss you every day sweet mama! Josie Mae taught Harriett and I how to be mothers through the life she lived. I am so thankful for that.


Harriett, Mama and Me in Mama’s younger days
Mama, her daughters, son in-laws and her four grandchildren in the early 1980s
Mama’s wedding day to Mr. Vivian

We may not be together in our church this Mother’s Day 2020 but I hope you feel the closeness between our Trinity Baptist Church family members and their mothers in the photos below. Young mothers, old mothers, and all in between!

These pictures below were originally published Wednesday, May 16, 2018 and were shared during Sunday morning’s Worship Service on May 13, 2018.  So many church members participated and sent in their treasured photos of their Mom or their children/grandchildren with their Mom/Grandmother.

Thanks to everyone that participated! We have a wonderful church family and I love seeing our extended family through these photos!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

Mother's Day - Proverbs 31:26



05.16.18 Treasured Photos from Trinity’s 2018 Mother’s Day Presentation

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 – Below is the updated 2018 photo presentation shared during Sunday morning’s Worship Service on May 13, 2018.  So many church members participated and sent in their treasured photos of their Mom or their children/grandchildren with their Mom/Grandmother.

Trinity members, feel free to save whatever ones you want by right clicking and selecting Save Image As.  What you will get is any photo on that slide and the caption.  If you don’t have a way to crop out what you don’t want from the slide, send me an email at rosalyn@selu.edu, tell me which slide and picture and I’ll crop it for you and email it to you.

Thanks to everyone that participated! We have a wonderful church family and I love seeing our extended family through these photos!

I can’t wait to see all the photos that are sent in for Father’s Day.  Trinity members, start sending those to me now!  The father’s day photos will be limited to 5 photos per father and the deadline is June 4th.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

Mother's Day - Proverbs 31:26




SHEEP, by Bethany Hayes on Peaceful Moments for Women

Image may contain: outdoor


Ever wonder why God calls us “sheep” so much?

We can be just as foolish and helpless. We easily stray. We can’t be left to ourselves. All of these are obvious reasons.
But I think there’s more to it.

I think He calls us “sheep” because that’s the way we were made.
He made us to need Him that much.

Here are five reasons (of many) why God calls His people “sheep.”

Sheep weren’t made to carry burdens.
You will never see a sheep carrying a pack on its back. Other animals are good for carrying things. But not sheep.

Sheep can’t handle burdens.
“Cast your burdens on the Lord, and He will sustain you” (Psalm 55:22).

Sheep can’t defend themselves.
When a sheep is frightened, the only thing it knows to do is run. Other animals were made with defense mechanisms. But not sheep.

Sheep aren’t able to defend themselves.
“The LORD is my defense; and my God is the rock of my refuge” (Psalm 94:22).

Sheep can’t find their own way.
When sheep are lost, they are unable to find their way home again. Other animals were made with instincts that can. But not sheep.

Sheep have trouble finding the right way.
“Lead me, O LORD, in thy righteousness because of mine enemies; make thy way straight before my face” (Psalm 5:8).

Sheep are content with whatever satisfies.
When sheep are thirsty, they will stop at a puddle, even when clean, still waters are nearby.

Sheep are content with filth, so long as it satisfies. A good shepherd always knows what’s better and best. But not sheep.

Sheep will take whatever they can get.
“[He is] able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20)

Sheep need a shepherd.

Sheep need a constant overseer. Other animals can fend for themselves. But not sheep.

Sheep need a shepherd whose life work is to care for his sheep. They need someone to protect, defend, lead, guide, and provide for them at all times.

We have that in our God, whose name is “The Lord is my Shepherd” (Psalm 23:1).

He calls His people “sheep” because we need a Shepherd. We need Him that much.

PEACEFUL MOMENTS FOR WOMEN CAN BE FOUND ON FACEBOOK AT https://www.facebook.com/PeacefulMomentsForWomen/

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Some Things I Learned About Dementia




05.13.18 Happy Mother’s Day 2018



so god made a motherDedicated to our Mothers and their Mothers before them.

God looked down on Adam in his planned paradise and said, “I need a nurturer.” So God made a mother.

God said, “I need someone who feels deeply and loves fiercely, whose tears flow just as abundantly as their laughter, whose heart is as warm as their ability to guide and set limits is strong. I need someone whose influence on those that they nurture is eternal.” So God made a mother.

God said “I need someone who can hear a sneeze through closed doors, in the middle of the night, 3 bedrooms away while daddy snores next to her, who could kiss the ‘boo boos’, scare away the monsters under the bed, clean up the middle-of-the-night accidents, and live off of 4 hours of interrupted sleep. So God made a Mother.

God said, “ I need someone who can ride the roller-coaster of anxiety, hope, fear, and pride with an outward appearance of calm assurance as she sends her child off to his first day of school. I need someone who will buy the school supplies, drive for the field trips, help study for the history tests, fill out the permission forms, clap from the back row of the spring musical, and help coach a sport she’s never played. I need someone to teach a child to tie her shoes, make new friends, handle disappointments, shop for a prom dress, and drive a stick shift. And when that child is 18, I need someone to ride that roller coaster of anxiety, hope, fear, and pride again as she sends her child away to college with the same calm confident outside exterior.” So God made a mother.

God said, “I need someone who is willing to jump in a car and drive children to school, soccer games, and piano lessons on a daily basis. I need someone who can run to the grocery store twice in a day, because someone forgot to add something to the list. I need someone who can take the animals to the vet, drop off the dry cleaning and pick up prescriptions and still make sure dinner in on the table for the family to eat.” So God created a Mother.

“Somebody who realizes that children need to be allowed to grow, gain confidence in themselves and be encouraged to be independent individuals and accept the path they choose. Somebody who realizes that their job is one where the better they are the more surely they won’t be needed in the long run. “

“Somebody whose breath will be taken away when they visit their first newborn grandchild in the hospital and their daughter looks at them with loving eyes and says “I hope I can be the kind of mom you are, mom.” So God made a mother.

*Inspired by Paul Harvey’s 1978 ‘So God Made a Farmer’ Speech – Ram Trucks Super Bowl ad.

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05.12.18 Everyday someone’s patience is being tested by their loved one, by Rick Phelps

Saturday, May 12, 2018 – Rick Phelps wrote and shared this on Memory People’s facebook group on December 11, 2017

“Patience we are told is a virtue. The ability to wait for something or someone, without getting angry or upset is a valuable quality in a person.”

This phrase was first written and recorded in 1360. So, it’s been around a while. Far longer then when Alzheimers was first discovered by Dr. Alois Alzheimers in 1906.

There are many things one must do and be while caring for a dementia patient. Patience is right at the top of the list.

Daily I read over the posts in Mp. And everyday without fail someone‘s patience is being tested by their loved one.

And almost 100% of time the caregiver wants to know what they can do to correct whatever behavior is being acted out.

This is because from a very early age we are taught and led to believe that there is a “fix” for literately everything. A reason, an explanation, an answer.

All one needs to do in most cases is understand what is going on, and correct it. Perhaps it’s a process of elimination in some cases.

Whatever the issue, there is an answer, a “fix” to whatever comes up. That is except for dementia. And this includes any type of dementia.

The person who has dementia has one thing in common with other patients. They can no longer think as they once could.

Their brain doesn’t react as those who don’t have dementia does. We lack the ability to make rational decisions. We lack the ability to remember things. And we lack the ablilty to explain to anyone why this is happening.

These are just three examples of what we lack. There are hundreds more and each of them range from subtle to severe to different patients.

Depending on when the dementia started, where it started, and how it has progressed. Personally I can make sense about 60% the time. It’s the other 40% that is the issue, and not being able to control when one can and cannot make sense is a huge issue.

I may make the most rational decisions this morning, and not be able to make any type of decision in just an hour or two.

Sadly, in time, all of our decision making is gone. This progression is slow in most cases. How fast one progresses is an educated guess at best.

The only thing caregivers need to really understand is we have trouble making decisions. Real trouble. And when we make bad decisions as in being belligerent, abusive, or just do things that are wrong, the caregiver always questions why is this happening and what can I do to prevent it.

Which leads right back to what I was saying about we have been taught that almost anything can be “fixed”. If we‘d think about it, we would know this isn’t true.

Sorta like the child who is never told no. Goes about their young life just doing what they want, when they want. Then one day reality hits, and someone, somewhere tells them no.

They just have a meltdown. The mere fact that someone would tell them no never entered their minds. This is what it is similar to when someone is diagnosed with dementia.

They have went their entire lives making decisions, and one day that ability is no longer with them. They can’t comprehend what is happening. And some just keep making bad decisions because once again, they cannot help it.

This is where patience plays a huge roll in being a caregiver. What occurs sometime dozens of times a day with a patient, will because they don’t have the ability to change what they are doing. To make better decisions.

So, the caregiver instinctively tries to “fix” this or ask others what they do to “fix” this. It’s normal. Something isn’t right, you find a way to “fix” it, or ask someone to help.

You have to get away from this type of thinking. You have to realize that what is happening to your loved one is out of your control. If you think I am wrong, then why doesn’t your love one stop making bad decisions all the time? Why do they constantly do the most absurd things, over and over and over? It’s because they can’t make rational decisions.

You obviously need to stop a patient from doing things that would put them or others in danger or hurt themselves or others.

But like the child, you must constantly be watching and trying to stay on step ahead of what may happen. Again, patience is the key.

The reason patience is the key is 99.9% the time nothing you do will work. Take arguing with a dementia patient. It is a total waste of time. Once a dementia patients mind is set on something, you aren’t likely going to change it and arguing is just like going around in circle.

It doesn’t do you or the patient any good to argue. They will because they make bad decisions. They decide for whatever reason to argue over things that they are totally wrong on. But not in their mind, and that is all that matters to them.

Shadowing is a perfect example. How do you get a grown person to stop following you every minute of every day? Follow you from room to room. You can’t get five minutes alone because you are being followed by them no matter what you say or do.

What can you do to “fix” this? The answer is have patience. Because the only way a patient will stop the shadowing is if they move on to some other symptom of this disease. Even then for whatever reason they may return to shadowing you.

Hoarding things is something else you won’t be able to “fix” that requires patience. I have went over this as a patients perspective and have said many times that patients are not actually hoarding anything.

To do this, they would have to make the distinct decision to take something and put it somewhere, to retrieve it later. And this just doesn’t happen. What they are doing, what I do is much simpler to explain.

I am simply putting things back where I believe they belong. If you find silverware in the linen drawer, it’s because that is where your loved one believes it goes.

If you find the milk in the cupboard, if you find left over food in the bathroom, or if you find your jewelry in the oven, again it’s where these things belong.

And what can you do? Patience. It’s easy to try to explain to you to have patience with your loved one, it’s very hard to do when they are up for the fourth time in the middle of the night, with them just walking around. For no reason what so ever.

There is nothing wrong with asking what you can do to try to stop some sort of behavior in your loved one. We do it here on Mp each and every day. However, being told to have patience is rarely seen as the answer.

If we as a society would put as much time into having patience as we do in trying to “fix” or stop whatever is happening, you would find it easier.

Would this solve all the issues you deal with on a day by day, or hour by hour, basis? No.

For this, you need patience, as well. I had to write these thoughts down many times to get them to come out right. That I did with patience.

Rick’s wise words come from his own experience having dementia. Some of these things I already do and am glad that the rest of it hasn’t started yet.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


05.11.18 Second decision

Friday, May 11, 2018 This and the blog post before this one were mostly written to help me remember things.  You’re welcome to read it and follow us on this new adventure, if you’d like.

If you didn’t read about the first decision here it is: https://rosalynandroy.com/2018/05/09/05-10-18-roy-and-i-made-two-life-changing-decisions/

When it comes to deciding what we do with Dora (our motor home) once we move into the house, keeping Dora is definitely our first choice for this next decision, but not one we thought we’d get to choose.  We can’t afford the motor home note and living in the house without the rental income so we thought our only option was to put her up for sale. That still may happen, but……. we found out about renting out our RV to folks who want to use it for vacation or maybe to see if they’d like to buy one.  Hmmmmm……

My old boss, Curtis the founder at RVillage, shared with us that this is a big thing going on in the RV world.  Lots of people are choosing to rent out their motor home when they are not using it. Image result We knew about companies that own lots of motor homes, mostly Class C and rent them out.  The company we knew about is Cruise America.  We saw hundreds of them when we’ve been traveling in the north, whether north east, central or west.  We learned from a couple touring the US from Italy that it cost them $400 a day to rent a Class C.  Wow, we couldn’t imagine anyone doing that but they were by the hundreds.

Since we didn’t previously know about private RV owners renting theirs out we had a lot of research and learning to do.  What we’ve learned is that there are several companies who allow you to share all the information and photos about the RV that you want to on their website and interested people contact you about renting it.  The company handles all the paperwork and insurance for between a 20 to 30 percent commission.   The company promotes the RVs (from small travel trailers to large motor homes like ours) on Facebook, etc.  We will of course do our own promoting here and on Facebook along with the various sites that offer that service.

The company that Curtis recommended was called mighway.com.  They are a fairly new company mostly in New Zealand and in California.  We will be signing up with them eventually but we found a different company that we learned more about and we’ve posted Dora for rent on that site first.  The site is RVShare.com.  We’ll also be posting on every other site that we can.

The reason we started with RVShare is that when we called one of the motor home owners in LaPlace, Louisiana to find out about outdoorsy.com he said he’d had a lot of rentals of his motor home mostly through RVShare.com. We talked to James for quite a while and he said so many great things about renting out his motorhome when he’s not using it.  There is no risk for us since there is no upfront cost as we pay the commission only when it’s rented.  We’ve listed Dora on their site and here is a link to the page about Dora.  https://rvshare.com/rvs/details/1099791  We still have to add captions to the photos but you’ll get the idea from what’s there.

We’re now taking baby steps towards moving out of Dora.  I’ve removed all the magnets from places we’ve visited that were all over the refrigerator front.  Yes that’s a baby step but it’s step one! Several other little things have been taken down and are now stored.

We cannot actually rent Dora out until we have completely moved out since we’re well moved into her with everything we still own!  Going forward two things have to be accomplished.

One is that we have a few things to fix and even upgrade.  Small things we’ve lived with but things we want the renters to be happy about instead of saying, ick or uhhhh!!  Also these motor homes are usually rented including most things the renter needs other than their clothing and personal items and food.  They will get sheets, blankets for six and a bedspread on the main bed. Dishes, utensils, cooking utensils, coffee pot, glasses and coffee cups, toaster, can opener, pots and pans, toilet paper, papertowels, dish towels, pot holders, salt and pepper and other miscellaneous items.

The second thing to accomplish is getting furniture and other household items. The total amount of furniture that we have is a small chinese looking table that use to belong to my sister.  That’s going to look great in a three bedroom two bath empty home!  Since we are leaving several of our kitchen items and bed sheets, etc. for the folks who rent our motor home, we’ll need to get a second set of those for use in the house.

That means we will need to acquire (as cheaply as possible) or even free at least the furniture for a bedroom and a living room.  If you or anyone you know is getting new furniture and moving out the old let us know! We’ll check it out.  We’ll use our outdoor chairs, rockers and tables inside until something better comes along!  This part is going to be an adventure since we’re use to living quite comfortably in our fully furnished motor home.

We do have a kitchen with refrigerator, stove, sink, dishwasher and garbage disposal and a laundry room with washer and dryer in the house – thank goodness! We will not have any plates, most cooking utensils, small appliances, small table, chairs, or basically anything other than the appliances!!!  Oh how I miss the things we sold and gave away when we started this adventure.  Absolutely no regret that we did that five years ago!

This huge task may take us a couple of years to accomplish (getting the house furnished) but we’re game.  While I don’t ever want to have to work again I like the feeling of accomplishing things or meeting a goal.  Always have and this is our new goal for 2018!

If you read our last blog and saw that we were planning a three week trip in June, that is no longer going to happen.  We still have our one week trip to Arkansas in September.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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05.10.18 Roy and I made two life changing decisions – First decision

Thursday, May 10, 2018 – Everyone knows that Roy and I have been traveling around our beautiful country most of the year for the last 5 years.  We sold everything we owned including most of our clothing and household furniture, tools, etc. in 2013, bought our motor home and took to the road, renting out our house in Hammond.  Three years ago, in 2015, we sold our house in Hammond and we built a small house in Amite which we have rented out to a wonderful couple.  We created a place for us to park our motor home, also known as Dora, while we’re in town with full hookups and a great patio and gardens.

Every year when we came home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and early the next year, I couldn’t wait to get back on the road and explore more of the United States.  My brain did incredibly well while we were seeing one new place after another.  This country is made up of so many diverse landscapes and cultures, and we were blessed to experience a lot of them.  After seeing all 48 of the contiguous states in America, we started back seeing some of them a second time during 2017.

Last year my brain started fighting all the planning and coordination required to travel and stay in RV Resorts along the way.  Most difficult was trying to do it on a low budget.  That has always been the case but my inability to remember what I just did and having to go back over the planning again and again just to stay in one location brought many tears with it.

Something is different here and with us since we came home last October.  We planned to stay home more this year so we planted more flowers and a lot of vegetables, trying our hand at farming this time.  We only have one trip planned to Arkansas in September for a remote control flying club event.   Being home most of the time without all of that constant planning and coordination has given my brain a rest and that makes me feel better.

Instead of getting antsy to get back on the road we’ve both been much more content to stay home and enjoy what we call our little slice of Heaven here in Amite.  With that decision made we began talking about actually living in our house in Amite.  When it was built we designed everything so that if we ever wanted to move into the house, it would be to our taste and style.  We recently looked at the financial pros and cons of moving into the house and found that it would be a good thing financially for us to do. We both prayed about it for a while.  When we got back together to talk about it we both were at peace with not living in the motor home full time and moving into the house.

Next came talking to our renters.  They were both most gracious and even said they could see it coming.  We want to give them as much time as possible to find a new home and are trying to help with that in ways that we can.  If anyone is looking for renters for their property these are the most outstanding renters you could ask for.  After the issues we had with renting our house on Wardline this has been a totally different experience.  They always pay on time and take excellent care of the house and property, and have wonderfully behaved little Chihuahuas and dachshunds.  Plus they are a joy to share our property with and the puppies come visit us often which we love!

With that decision made, and us moving forward with it, we needed to decide what to do with Dora our motor home and what to do to furnish a totally empty house.  At least we do have a furnished kitchen and laundry room, thank goodness!!  That will be its own adventure and I’ll share about that next time!

Here’s a link to the second decision.

One other change (not the second part to his blog) is that we are most likely going to become Louisiana residents again which is a big process in itself.  Started today getting auto, motor home, and house insurance quotes.

Also:  The Mother’s Day picture presentation is finished and at the church ready to show Sunday.  I absolutely loved doing this.  I almost know by heart everyone’s mom’s names, children and grandchildren’s names.  Especially Johnnie Whisenhunt and her mom Patsy Forbes.  Long story there!

The wild blackberries are ripening abundantly.  Just picked a 45 oz container from the fence lines along the road in front of our house. There are more everywhere!

We’re going to see two of our granddaughters dance revue in Zachary, Louisiana tomorrow (Friday)  evening.  Madisyn is coming with us and we are so excited to go there and see it!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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05.08.18 Trinity Family Day Picnic 2018 and The Harbor’s Men’s Crawfish Boil

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 – Our church, Trinity Baptist Church, had our annual Family Day Picnic on Sunday afternoon.

There was an abundance of food, fun, and fellowship. We had hamburgers, chips, dozens of desserts, a bouncy jumper thing, rock climbing wall, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. Don’t know the attendance number but it was big. 

I got to visit with so many of our members and really enjoyed reconnecting with people we haven’t visited with in a while.  My little brain was in overdrive and I’m fairly certain I said a couple of things I may not should have but it was lots of fun!!!

I’m going to try to identify everyone in the pictures, they are all wonderfully outstanding Christian folks and we love them each dearly!

Here’s Lynn, Cathy, Kaylon, Nancy and Caroline

Cathy, in the yellow blouse above took this photo of Roy and me below!

Donna and JP (Pastors family) joined us today for the fun!

Raymond, Jeffrey, Philip, Nancy, Ashley and Evynn

Pastor Avery’s brother Dean and his family

What a motley crew but all great friends – Jeffrey, Philip, Jeri, Nancy, Ashley, Noel, Landry and Evynn

Marie Robbins, Spot and Leanna and Lynn Anderson.  I see Wilson and Juanita and Wayne Green in the distance

Tommy and a really nice man that I don’t know his name!

Wayne and Laurie Green and one of our new members, Melanie Foreman.  Melanie’s children made the most delicious cupcakes – at least according to Roy.  We brought four of them home!

Debra Everett and Koree Hagan

Spot, Jeffrey, Michelle and Leanna – they are always laughing!

The jumpy thing kept the kids going all afternoon. This pic is from early in the afternoon before it filled up!

The ladies and some of the children watched the men and children’s ultimate Frisbee  game from the shaded bleachers.  We are smart women! In no certain order, they are Megan, Deanna, Christie, Misty, Michelle, Gay, Kim, Jeri, Ashley!

Same ladies as above along with Kaylon (from the famous Sweet Magnolia’s play!), Nancy and Roy is hiding somewhere!

The men and children played Ultimate Frisbee.  A couple of our older men played and kept up with those younguns step for step.  I was impressed!  My very wise husband sat out of the game!  We need all of his parts working! The pictures do not show even a little of the running around these folks did constantly for over an hour. I am imagining that there will be lots of folks calling in sick on Monday from their over strenuous Sunday activity!

That’s our new Pastor (Avery) on the ground!  He was standing up running around the rest of the time!  His tall handsome son Aiden is on the right of Pastor Avery in the photo.

After the ultimate frisbee game everyone gathered inside in the air condition  for more eating and rest!  Barry, Bob Anderson, Haze and Spot.

The little girl standing up is Madisyn’s bestfriend Olivia.  You may remember her from the weekend she and Madisyn spent at our house a while back.  Her brother and sister are in our youth group.

And some gathered outside in the shade while they recovered!  Our youth Minister Dustin Pierce in the black shirt and shorts in the center of this pic.

The rock climbing wall was a huge hit with those in good enough shape to attempt it!  I heard Spot Traylor climbed the rock wall but didn’t get a picture of him doing that.  The kids were like little ninjas scampering up and down the wall!

The video below that won’t show automatically CAN BE VIEWED BY CLICKING ON “WATCH ON FACEBOOK IN THE BLACK BOX BELOW” and watch it there.  This is Barry Sterken who is “He Man of the Year” at Trinity.  He did this and played in the Frisbee game.  I was worn out just watching all that!

Thanks to those who let me borrow their photos and video.  There was lots more fun going on all around than I could capture in pictures.  We had time to visit with friends like Cathy Remondet, Randy and Peggy Stogner, Spot and Leanna Traylor, Michelle and Jeffrey Hill, Rebecca and Kaylon Willoughby, Wilson and Juanita Watts, Elaine and Bruce Taylor, Lynn and Bob Anderson, Tommy Picou, Jeri Bankston, Ashley Louviere and many more.  What a blessing this church family is to our life. Thank you all for loving the crazy Chauvin couple, following our adventures and welcoming us back each time we return to our home in Louisiana!

Our son Chip’s church, The Harbor in Hammond, had a men’s crawfish boil and wiffle ball game at the same time we were having our picnic.  I grabbed a couple of his photos (with approval) to share with ya’ll.  Us Christians are sure fed well!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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05.07.18 Lots going on in Chauvin world

Monday, May 7, 2018 – We have so much going on right now that I haven’t written here in a week.  Ya’ll might be happy, but I hope not!

No time to write full blog posts right now but hopefully I’ll get back to it soon.

Roy and I have made a life changing decision.  More than one change in the works!

Our church Family Day picnic was yesterday, lots of photos to share from that.

We had a surprise visit from our oldest son’s family on Friday – my heart was singing with joy!!

We met with our original family eye doctor last Monday about Roy’s eye problems from the surgery.

We visited or oldest son’s family for our youngest granddaughters 4th birthday.  Two visits in one week with that group – lots of happy!

I am working on putting together our church’s Mother’s Day PowerPoint presentation.  We’ve had an amazing response to this so there’s lots of time being spent on this – time I am very happy with!

We’ve started entering sweepstakes online which takes time each day.  Our neighbor has done this for years and wins all sorts of stuff.

We’ve watched all 5 movies in the Twillight Saga series this week!

I know there’s more but those are some of the things keeping me from writing my blog.  Our church picnic will probably be the first post I get to so stay tuned!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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