04.13.16 Roy’s Pot of Gumbo and We’re Heading Home!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 –  Remember a few days ago I shared our travel plan for the next few weeks.  Well scratch all of it!!!  I’ll tell you why we are scratching it, after I share what my amazing husband has done!

I’ve been the gumbo cooker our whole married life.  I’ve downsized the recipe to fit into our RV lifestyle but it still had most of the same flavor.  Roy decided recently he was going to make a pot of gumbo himself, for the very first time, EVER!!!

After he researched his mom’s recipe which is what I follow and some ideas from the internet, he put together a list of ingredients we needed to purchase.  We did that Sunday after church.

This morning I woke up around 8 am and the aroma of cooking gumbo filled all my senses!  He had all the chopping done before I got up.  If you’ve been the gumbo cook forever you can imagine what a wonderful experience that was to me!!

20160413_090804 (Medium) 20160413_090755 (Medium) 20160413_090729 (Medium) 20160413_090715 (Medium)

He did things a little different than I do but what I am now smelling at 2 pm is magnificent!!!  I think we now have a Chauvin household King of Gumbo making!!!!  Roy loves gumbo, as do I, and we like to have it often. It is not a quick, simple, nor cheap thing to make.  If he’s willing to take this over I’m more than happy to relinquish that honor!!!

20160413_100801 (Medium) 20160413_100920 (Medium) 20160413_113711 (Medium) 20160413_113715 (Medium)The larger induction pot we have is an 8 quart so that’s the biggest gumbo I can make now.  After Roy cooking this today he decided we need a bigger one so off to Wal-Mart he went.  Got a phone call from him that he found a 16 quart one so he got it!!   We’re going to pour  whats in this pot into the 16 qt. one and add some more broth so we can have more!!!

Here’s the old and the new pots!


Here’s a photo of the finished gumbo in the 16 quart pot!  He’s already thinking of things he’ll tweek for next time.  Yes, I’m one happy lady!!



Okay for why we are scratching the travel plan for the next few weeks.  See this precious, adorable young girl?  Yes, Madisyn Ann Chauvin.  She played in her first ever softball game last night.  These are photos her dad and Misty sent to us along with a videos of her two at bats. Also some photos I grabbed from her mom’s Facebook page.


Chip and Madisyn – Chip is one of her coaches

13010736_852085681584818_1856597853344198228_n 12993563_852085651584821_4495882660453651145_n


Madisyn’s first at bat video

Madisyn’s second at bat video

About halfway through the game it hit me.  We have no business being away from home while she’s playing ball.  We loved so much the many years our sons played ball and have always hoped she would follow in her daddy’s footsteps and play ball.  Now she is and we’re going to be many states away.  My Grannie heart just broke and I went into the living room and told Roy,  “We have to go home.  This is just not right.”  If you’re a grandparent you can certainly understand.  We discussed it an are planning to leave here early Thursday morning so we can be home before her 5:45 game on Thursday evening!

Yes we have shirts being printed with Madisyn’s Grannie and Madisyn’s Paw Paw on them!  Gotta do this right!!

We’ve cancelled our RV park reservations except for the one at Myrtle Beach.  That one we moved to end of the first week in June for two weeks.  We can still travel the east coast but we just can’t miss her first softball season!

That’s it for a while folks about our travels.  I’ll of course be writing about Madisyn’s games so if 7 year old coach pitch ball appeals to you, stay tuned!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

psalm 118 24


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04.12.16 Dora’s blowing cold air, Liquidation, RV and Fireworks browsing!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 –  5 am is not a time I normally choose to wake up.  Since that time was when I use to wake up on workdays, I choose to not wake up then in my retirement.

Monday morningbandd.banner Roy woke up at 4 and I woke up at 5 so we could take Dora to B&D Truck and RV Repair Service.  Her dashboard air conditioner has been 20160411_104946putting out only coolish/warmish air since we got back on the road.  Roy added freon before leaving Louisiana but it didn’t do any good.  We found B&D in the Marketplace in RVillage where someone else previously recommended them.

Dora arrived there a little before 7 and we picked her up around 11 am, all fixed and blowing cold air!! Yay for a wonderful RV service business!!! We have an extended care RV warranty which we’ve used a few times and covered most of this expense!

We  couldn’t stay in Dora while she was being checked out and worked on so we went roaming!  Almost 20160411_104942nothing is open at 7 am so we went to Waffle House where we enjoyed Pecan Waffles for me and a whole plate of breakfast foods for Roy!

20160411_081942We checked out the Foley Flea Market where all we found was an awesome three wheel motorcycle Roy’s drooled over!

Roy has decided he is going to make his first pot of gumbo so we went to Walmart and bought everything he’d need to do that.  I’ll be snapping photos and taking notes for a blog post devoted to this major event  in our married life!!  We think Wednesday will be “Gumbo Day”!

We had all sorts of things planned to do to occupy ourselves but we were told we could come pick Dora up much earlier than we thought so we’ll have to do those great things another day!

Monday’s night sleep time was over 12 hours for me trying to catch up for the previous night!

We went out for a while on Tuesday to check out Liquidator Outlet in Foley which we visited last time we were here.  It’s just a huge building with discounted new stuff laying on tables.

Next on our outing was Camping World where we did some shopping and then went outside to check out some brand new small and large motor homes (Class A and Class C).  Even though they were new we’re still in love with our Dora, she’s the best!

We wrapped up this fun exciting outing by checking out this monster fireworks store, Shelton Fireworks, we pass every time we go in and out of our RV park.  We found out that in Alabama you can buy fireworks seven days of the week which is very different from in Louisiana.  We enjoyed browsing all the different types of fireworks they offered.  Check out this place!

20160412_152719  20160412_152058 20160412_151939  20160412_151727 20160412_151703 20160412_151645 20160412_151626 This is a dream place for a kid to go shopping!  It’s not so far away from Louisiana for folks to come over here to shop!  They told us their inventory is low.  During the summer the stacks of boxes will go to the ceiling.  Wow!

Well that’s it for our always exciting life, this Monday and Tuesday!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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01.18.14 The last 24 hours……….. Thank You Lord Jesus!

I’ve finally had enough of goodbyes.  This goodbye today, when Madisyn and Chip left, was the pits.  Our son and granddaughter are the best things we’ve ever helped make in our lives. They got to experience our RV lifestyle first hand this weekend and we enjoyed every single second of the time we spent with them.

We spent yesterday evening outside gathered around the fire pit for hours.  Chip and Madisyn took bags and searched for wood and pine cones for our fire pit.  Roy and Chip went down to the beach and cut some wood. Madisyn made friends with the little girl, Emma, next door and they ran all around the lawn, squealing like little girls do so well!

2014-01-17_17-30-41_754 2014-01-17_17-30-10_334  IMG_20140117_191117_450 IMG_20140117_171403_757 IMG_20140117_171323_162

I love Madisyn taking a bath and spending the night with us because we have so many fun routines we’ve done since she was born.  I’ve always picked her up from the tub  in a towel and we go to the closest mirror and we giggle together.  She’s quite heavy now compared to when she was much littler but she still remembers it and we both have fun doing it.  When she was little she gave me such fits drying her hair  and now it is just a breeze, she’s very cooperative and so sweet with her smiles.

Before she goes to sleep she’s always said her prayers. Last night was different, her love for the Lord has matured this last year and her prayer reflected that.  She has such a pure, honest relationship with Him.  I told her mama that if I could capture and share the feeling in my heart when I heard her pray straight from her heart that it would be the best thing the world has ever known.  It is a beautiful thing to see a little heart blooming as she learns more and more about the Amazing Grace that only God can give.

This morning we did something unusual for us, we went out for breakfast.  Chip treated us to breakfast at Waffle House on the beach.  There is nothing like a Waffle House meal and I say that quite seriously.  They have the best food and when we left we were all stuffed!

2014-01-18_10-11-37_375 2014-01-18_10-07-25_847

We went over to Walgreen’s to pick up some photo collages I sent there to have printed.  Madisyn and I picked out polish for me and some fake “beach” pink, lavender and light blue nails with the white tips.  She left here with hers stuck on and my nails were polished. She showed me this adorable hat with a tail on the back that flips up when you squeeze one of the tassels hanging from the side.  The pictures below show front and back.  The other colored ones did different things when you squeeze the tassel, but of course we had to get the purple and pink one! So adorable I couldn’t pass it up and it was perfect for our next stop in our morning adventure.

2014-01-18_11-01-13_508 2014-01-18_10-59-15_752

We then headed out to the beach for some fun – even though the temperature was right at freezing.   We were all dressed warmly and the beautiful sun just added to the enjoyment  We walked out on the sand dunes (I really don’t know if that is what they are called but that’s what I’m calling them) and she got to feel that the water was too cold to go swimming.  Sometimes you just have to let them get out there and feel it to really understand why you have to say no!!!   Roy isn’t a sand person, as you can tell from every beach picture we take that he is never in, so he waited for us on the pier.

2014-01-18_11-01-49_721 2014-01-18_11-01-31_397 2014-01-18_10-59-42_256 2014-01-18_10-58-43_172  IMG_20140118_110057_920

Once we had our fill of the sand we walked, skipped and ran down the pier together pausing every so often to see  the water getting deeper a little at a time. We were very surprised to see how shallow the water was a very long way down the pier.  It was fun seeing Madisyn and Chip playing together on the sand and on the pier.  It’s a joy to see them together!

2014-01-18_11-05-18_296 2014-01-18_11-08-38_984 2014-01-18_11-08-54_247 2014-01-18_11-16-21_867 IMG_20140118_112247_868

We headed back to the campground for more playing and doing our nails.  Roy and Chip worked on Chip’s Jeep and went to Walmart to pick up some of the lunch fixings.  Chip and Madisyn went with the neighbors and their daughter to the campground playground and Paw Paw and Grannie stayed at the RV BBQing hamburgers and getting ready to eat.   We ate our burgers and Madisyn enjoyed a slice of Paw Paw’s birthday cake we froze from last week along with, of course, her ice cream!  She didn’t care if we were having any, just that she had some of his cake and ice cream.

After a sad goodbye, Grannie (me) spent the rest of the evening wimpering and sniffling like a ninny.  Thus, I have had my fill of goodbyes.  I know we’ll be back through here in several weeks on our way west and I know if we were here we wouldn’t see Madisyn and Chip very often but the splendor of God’s blessings on us this last 24 hours is hard to let go of.

Our son has matured greatly this last year and is growing into a strong man of God.   Madisyn is just simply amazing and seeing how much she has grown in all aspects since we left in April brings such joy to my heart that I don’t think I could describe it if I tried.   The adults in Madisyn’s life, Liz, Billy, Chip and Kim are doing an awesome job loving and growing her, sharing their love for the Lord with her every single day.  We’ll be coming back through here in a couple of months, more or less, so we’ll be doing the goodbyes again.  I think we’re just going to say “see ya later” from now on!

We’ve met several really neat RV couples during our stay at this resort on the coast and have enjoyed the beauty of this place.  We’ll be heading to Hudson, Florida tomorrow morning.  It’s a long drive (almost to Orlando) and we plan to break the drive up into two days.  We’ll be there about 5 days getting our windows repaired.  I plan to blog about that for other RVers with the same window fog we have.

I apologize if my grammar is worse than usual and if my emotions show how raw they are right now but I had to get this out now so……. ya’ll have a great weekend and please come back now, ya’ hear!