07.15.14 A Must Visit – Walter’s Peach Farm in Mississippi!

Before our days got jam filled with all the repairs and cleaning at our sticks and bricks house we took a trip to Walters Peach Farm in Ellisville, MS.  Our friend Elizabeth’s mom, Pat, owns it and we enjoyed our visit with her a lot.

walters 10Pat sold out of most everything before we ever arrived and turned down probably a dozen people who drove up while we were there.  This is one of the lucky folks who actually got some of these delicious peaches.

waflters 9Pat saved a bunch of peaches, nectarines and plums for us though and we felt very special! We brought home four boxes of peaches, nectarines and plums some of which didn’t make it all the way home before being eaten.

peaches at home

She let us take her jeep for a ride around the fruit tree farm which was really cool.  Lots of tree limbs were sagging to the ground under the weight of tons of ripe fruit.  It was amazing to see all that.

walters 2  walters 3 walters 12 This picture below is Pat picking some special green plums for us.  Very unusual when they are green and taste great with salt on them!  They did eventually turn purple and were sweet then!

walters 11I don’t know how much longer they will be selling their fruit but if you’re planning a trip to anywhere around Hattiesburg, MS or just want a nice place to go to get delicious fruit check them out.

Their Facebook page is where Pat tells what’s getting ripe and updated fruit information.  It can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/WaltersPeaches

Madisyn found out she loves all these fruits!

Since they closed the Hammond Krystal Burger we’ve been so deprived. When we found a Krystal Burger after visiting the farm we got a bunch and enjoyed them on the way home.  As adults we always try to do things the right way but every now and then it’s fun to just be a child so Roy and I tossed each of our Krystal boxes on the floor after eating the burger!  It doesn’t take much to make us happy!

krystalHere’s a picture we took at home preparing them for freezing.  I’ve never put peaches up so this was a first for me.

peaches allI plan to share our two week tale of getting the house ready to go on the market so that will come next.  Today is the day the photographer comes at 2:30 pm to take the pictures for the internet and I hope the line forms quickly with interesting families wanting to buy our house!


06.13.14 Vacation Bible School – Trinity Baptist Church style!!!

child like faithOur home church, Trinity Baptist Church had Vacation Bible School this week and I was able to help  with the 1st and 2nd grade group for two days.  When we left to live on the road, most of the kids now in the 1st and 2nd grade class were still in Pre-K or Kindergarten so the last I remember of them was keeping them in the Nursery on Sunday morning or night.  Wow have they grown!!!

This year’s theme was SonTreasure Island.   Today was their closing program where parents and grandparents were invited.   They performed four songs with hand motions that they learned this week and did great!  These little Wonders of God really made me happy to be home this week!

Shannon Tribble and Jeri Bankston lead VBS this week and did an outstanding job.  I’ve known these young ladies since they were very young Christian women and they have grown to be such strong mature Christian women.  Not old mature like me, just mature and still young!

vbs jeri and shannon

I took some pictures throughout the week and want to share them with you now.  Our youth did a great job teaching the kids all the songs and hand motions and you’ll see them in the pictures too.

vbs sing rehearsal
Last rehearsal for the 1st and 2nd graders before singing for their parents.
vbs sing in seats
Singing together during the opening Worship time
vbs sing from back
The music leaders Mallory, Jonah Kyle, Cari Beth and Elizabeth leading the kids in singing
vbs program sing
All of the children singing for their parents
vbs craft
Our class in craft time on Friday making shell bracelets

Helping with Vacation Bible School, working and having Madisyn spend the night Tuesday night rounds out the highlights of our week.  When Madisyn spent the night we watched ET again! and made a pallet on the floor like Chip and our oldest son did when they were little.  Chip and Madisyn will be going to church with us Sunday for Father’s Day.  I’m cooking afterwards and then we’re going to see a movie which is Chip’s Father’s Day gift to his dad Roy and I get to go too!!!

I’ve completed the project I was working on for RVillage.com and am now moving on to a different one.  This one is back in the advertising department where I started out, just doing different work now.  I really love this job that gives me some income while still having lots of free time to be retired in!

We’re hoping to take a road trip to Walters Peach Farm in Ellisville, Mississippi to get peaches next week or the following week.  We’ve eaten them before and they are by far the most delicious peaches we’ve ever had.

one box peaches

Ya’ll have a great weekend! and ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!!