07.18.13 May Flies, more riding toys, herbs from the garden and my poor, poor phone!

I’ve mentioned the flies and mosquitos in previous posts but today I saw something that needed to be captured in a picture so ya’ll could see how bad it can get up here.  This is the wall on the front of one of our cabins and those lovely little critters are MAY FLIES.  A lot of those on this wall are dead but some are alive and just hang around on the wall until someone comes by.  We’ve purchased all sorts of bug spray and Roy finally found that a special Avon spray made with a skin so soft base works best.  He ordered 6 cans and when we sit outside he has a fan blowing on him to keep them away! It’s not always bad but when it’s bad it’s really bad.  I must say that all walls do not look like this.  This is an extreme case. flies on wall

Pat and Tom Ossell’s 12 year old grandson Jay is here this week and I’ve enjoyed getting to know him. Pat and Tom took Jay and his friend Trent out one afternoon in this big two seater riding / flying toy. The pictures are of them before the ride and during. The precious dog with them is their dog Chloe who loves to go everywhere they go and is as sweet as can be. She’s part lab and part poodle!

jay on boat
Jay ready to go water racing
jay and trent in boat
Jay and Trent ready to go
boat taking off
The Ossell’s taking off with the boys in their racing boat

I cooked a pork roast and potatoes this week and covered it with herbs cut from our herb garden here – sage, rosemary, thyme and chives.  The roast and potatoes soaked up all those flavors beautifully and we really enjoyed it.

roast with herbs

Remember the ATT cell phone we had such a struggle with getting it all worked out.  Well brilliant me left it out in the rain last night and this morning it is floating in water.  Roy’s trying to salvage it now but we may be putting a call in to our personal ATT representative later or help. – UPDATE:  My brilliant husband was able to resurrect the poor phone even after being drenched by an all night rain.  I WAS NOT looking forward to calling ATT to tell them “guess what dummy did!”

We went out on the lake on the hydro-bikes for two long rides yesterday.  Roy fished and caught a bass and I just peddled around the lake.  I got caught on a rock I couldn’t see when I was out of sight of everyone and panicked.  After praying for a bit and trying to wiggle around it I got loose and came straight back to shore.  In all it was a really nice day off.  We ate a delicious dinner and then I went back out to the beach while Roy fished some more.  I swung on the big wooden swing set near the shoreline while eating cut up watermelon and reading a wonderful mystery novel.  A wonderful day off!  I took pictures but they are in the water soaked phone!

Roy received our new satellite dish and will be putting it up when the weather clears up and he has more time of work.  I’ll write more about why we chose to change our satellite dish out in a future post.

A blogger, whose writing I love, wrote yesterday about why children don’t need SuperMamas.  I wish I had read this when I was a mother raising young children and in case it may help some young mother reading my blog I will re-blog it tomorrow.  It is not the typical “don’t be a supermama, spend more quality time with your kids” so I hope you will read it and take from it what you will.

I wrote the following on my Facebook just a little while go and wanted to share it here also.  “I have found my new “happy place”.  You know the place therapists tell you to picture in your mind when the need arises.  Mine is now the beach here with the sun slightly out and a little family of ducks swimming and walking around on the beach as the water laps in an out on the beach.  I just experienced that for two hours while reading in a beach chair and will use it as my new happy place as needed!”

That was just a little while ago and we just went from beautiful clear skies to expecting 60 mph winds and hail within the next hours so we’re doing the Minnesota version of hunkering down and getting ready to ride it out.  We’re so far north that a lot of bad weather seems to just go south of us so I’m hoping this one will do the same.

Have a great evening, and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

07.08.13 Super riding toys!

I thought this was very much like Roy and I who both started out these skinny young folks and well, as we’ve grown old together now we’re not!

Some of our previous guests brought really cool water toys for pulling behind the boats or just general water play.  This week’s guests brought some and I took pictures to share.  Our friends who have camps probably see these things on the rivers and lakes all the time but for us water deprived folks it’s unusual.  We can hear from the shoreline the screams of joy and happiness that the kids make as they are being pulled behind their parents or grandparents boat.  Two of the pictures are water toys that belong to the resort.  One is a big flat circle anchored to the water bottom that the kids make sand castles on or just sand mounds!  The other is a big horse that they can ride on.  There is a horse like the one is in the picture anchored further out in the water for the older “kids” to enjoy.a back of riding toy 2 a riding toy 1a  a non anchored riding horse a anchored floating thing

When we got to work the RAVE was sagging badly so Roy got all the things together to pump it up, jumped in the paddle boat and out he went.  Look what a good job he did!

a roy blowing up rave a after rave is blown up

Our robin’s nest is now empty since all our grandbaby  robins have learned to fly and went away.  Roy removed it from where the mama made it and placed it on a big rock behind Dora.

empty robins nest smallWe have done absolutely nothing interesting the last few days other than watch several chick flick love movies on the Hallmark Channel all Sunday afternoon.  I have the best husband who will watch these with me and not complain!

Our son Chip celebrated his 32nd birthday Saturday.  His new girlfriend Kimberly gave him a surprise birthday party and he was surprised to find we’d gotten him a doberge cake thanks to Kimberly and I doing a little sneakery behind the scenes!  With a 34 year old so and a 32 year old son I’m thinking that makes Roy and I officially old!

Hope everyone has a great week!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!