07.10.17 An evening in Mountain View, Arkansas – for the third year!

A sign just like this one but in blue was hanging in the Kin Folks BBQ restaurant. Just one more reason I love Arkansas!! My photo was very blurry and I want it to be clearly read so I found this one!

Monday, July 10, 2017 – We have traveled to Mountain View, Arkansas in 2013, 2015 and again in 2017 we are not far from Mountain View.  We would be staying in Mountain View but they didn’t have any openings so we are in Shirley, about 30 minutes away. What draws us here is the towns musicians gathering in the town park square, the courtyard front yard and several other places around the town.  It is the friendliest, happiest environment you can imagine!  I could easily, easily live here and as long as we continue RVing we will keep coming back here when we can.

Saturday evening we drove the 30 miles from Shirley to Mountain View where we had a wonderful time!  We strolled the streets in downtown and hid several rocks there!! We listened to the picking at the courthouse and I sat on the giant chair on the main street!

This is the courthouse where pickers play.  We listened to the lady who was playing for a while. The lady singing was broadcast and is very different than the pickin in the town square.  We then went to Kin Folks BBQ across the street from the town square where the musicians sit around picking songs and singing along with banjos, guitars, ukulele and other various instruments.  We both had jumbo hamburgers with fries and cokes.  We learned about this place from our sweet friend Elizabeth Halpin Smith and keep coming back.  Elizabeth’s husband Freddie’s dad Donnie Smith use to pick in the square and when he died his photo was hung on the wall in Kin Folks.  We have been able to sit right next to the photo each time we eat there!

While we were there we met a really nice couple Lynn and Kay who are from Crowville, Louisiana.  We saw on Kay’s t shirt that they are members of a Baptist Church in Crowville.  We heard them talking to another man (you can’t help but hear other conversations the tables are quite close!)  Them being Louisiana Baptists like us gave us a great place to start talking! Come to think of it I don’t think we even mentioned we are Baptists!  Anyway we found out that they have visited Mountain View for many years and love it like we do!  They also have really cute grandchildren that we enjoyed getting to see pictures of!!  I’m hoping their trip home on Sunday was a safe one!  When you read this Kay and Lynn I didn’t mention it when we were talking but I write another blog called Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays.  A link to that one is at the bottom of this blog post.  I think it’s something ya’ll might enjoy!

Outside of Kin Folks BBQ a group of musicians had gathered and were playing. After eating we all walked over to the town square to listen to the musicians there. People come with their chairs or sit on the benches there around several gazebos.  I hid a bunch of rocks when we first got there.  We sat our chairs out and listened to one of the groups gathered under one gazebo.   This is where the amazing feeling of friends and family just shines!  People from all around the country join locals at any one of the several groups to listen to all sorts of music.   Any musician can join the others or start their own group.  Very informal but special! A little girl saw me holding some of my painted rocks and said she had found a couple of other ones from around town.  She got so excited that I was the lady that painted them so I gave her the two I was holding.  She may look like she’s eating the rocks, but she’s not! When we left she was still looking for more!

Here’s some of the rocks I hid.

Near the end of our time listening to music we got some Ice Cream from another place across the street from the town square.

On our way back to Golden Pond RV Park we pulled over and I got a photo looking down on Mountain View from up a mountain.In case you haven’t read them in the past, here are some previous posts about our time in Mountain View. We seem to come here in odd numbered years 2013, 2015 and 2017!








I’m pretty sure you can tell we love it here!  One of the places we are looking forward to going to this week is to Cherokee Village, Arkansas to visit some very dear, long time family John and Barbara Tate.  We’ve always know them as Barbie and Johnny but somehow they grew up and like being called John and Barbara.  We’ve shared many many memories with these guys until they moved to Arkansas.  We are really looking to getting together with them on Thursday!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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07.09.17 Natural Bridge in Clinton, Arkansas

Sunday, July 9, 2017 – Thursday after Roy and I collected rocks in Weaver’s Creek in Shirley, Arkansas we saw a sign indicating that “Natural Bridge” was nearby just outside the town of nearby Clinton.  We decided to check it out!

After traveling down a very interesting winding road you reach a parking lot at the bottom. At one end there is a log cabin built in 1871, according to a sign above the door. The cabin is the entrance to the bridge area and also contains a gift shop. The covered wagon was very cool.  Roy said it was an early RV!!!  Guess he’s right!!


On entering the cabin, you will meet a ranger who will give you a history of the bridge and area.

After paying your entrance fee of $5 per person, you exit the back of the cabin to a pathway that leads to another cabin. Inside are a lot of antiques and pictures with information, etc.

Look at the REWARD sign.  $10,000 in Gold Coin was a whole lot back then.  These must have been two bad folks – Sam and Belle Starr!

I thought seeing all of these old utensils were cool.  Especially the bathtub in the first photo.  It was much larger than it looks in the photo! Underneath the cabin an old still sits. Past the cabin is a picnic area with tables and benches.

Natural Bridge is a compression bridge of a flat huge slab of stone stretched across a waterway tumbling down the hillside. You cannot walk/climb up to it, but you can view its beauty.The main slab, supported by two buttresses of stone, is about 120 feet long and over twelve feet off the ground.

In the years following the Civil War, the timber industry exploded throughout the state. Loggers would come to use the Natural Bridge to haul logs across the steep and treacherous terrain. This is an old photo taken during that time.

Situated in a quiet forest area (hazelwood, birch, pine), it is a pretty place to visit, hear some bird calls, see and smell the beauty of the forest greenery. If you walk past the bridge you come to the top of the hill to another picnic area and on to the end of the path. Along the pathway there are a couple of caves along the rock formations there.

I was so thankful to reach the end of the path I had to take a photo with the sign that says Trail Ends Here!  After picking up and hauling rocks earlier, this short walk seemed way longer than it was! The address for Natural Bridge is 1120 Natural Bridge Rd, Clinton, AR It is open Mid-March – October. (Call to verify)Phone:501-745-2357

The beauty of nature in Arkansas is exceptional!   Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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